Alana Natalie Sowman

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On Alana Natalie Sowman’s latest release, “A Little Too Far,” Alana mixes catchy pop-rock rhythms with bittersweet lyrics that express the difficulties facing and the exhilaration of overcoming fears and obstacles in our lives.  These are songs that will quickly get into your head, get you humming like a fool, and, at the same time, ask you those “little-big” questions that we all face every day:  Will you take that next step?  If you do, what will happen? 

CD Release - A Little Too Far

“Played it the obligatory first time while applying cuticle remover! Loved it, so played it to empty the dishwasher and it was even better! Alana has a clear, sparkling voice!! The CD will get plenty of exercise here!”...

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